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SEO is worth nothing!

Is all our SEO-work worth nothing? Well at least there’s a guy on this blog, that means the future SEO is worth ZERO!

The theory is based on the point that google is looking more at the data provided by their toolbar, user history and Google analytics, than they are looking on a tag line, tittle or bold text.



From my experiences I am seeing Google SERPS results strongly influenced by Google Toolbar data, Google User history, and Google Analytics data. Googles combination of SEO and social voting via toolbar/history/analytics will continue to sway more in the realm of social voting. I feel this technology will only get better. So in my opinion there just is no future in current SEO for Google anyway. Its not going to happen overnight but it is happening.

Read the whole article at shoe’s blog


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  • Are we wasting our time building SEO friendly websites?
  • What is your experience?

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